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I started reading thrillers while riding the bus everyday to and from my job at Cornell University.   I work in the Division of Nutritional Science and I manage a fee for service laboratory that specializes in measuring biomarkers in human samples .  Most of the work that comes my way is from human nutritional studies but I get a number of samples from many types of research projects.  My background is in chemistry and biochemistry.

Signs you’ve become a mad scientist:

– When you stop calling the people who staff your laboratory “grad students” and start calling them “minions” instead.

– Likewise, when you use “base” vs “department”, or “chief of staff” vs “director of human resources”.

– When doing your hair in the morning requires 1000 volts but no conditioner.

– When the number of burn marks or bloodstains on your white coat exceeds the number of coffee stains.

– When your inventions are labelled with any of the prefixes super-, mega-, death-, psychic-, or, with the obvious exceptions, space-.

– When your laboratory is located in any of the following: a cave, a castle, a dungeon, a zeppelin, or a geodesic dome.

– When any part of your equipment requires being struck by lightning to function.

by Weaseldust

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