Soon To Be And Recently Released Novels

Release dates for the newest additions to the series that I have reviewed.

Soon to be Released

Timothy S. Johnston – Shadow of War (paperback)

Expected Release Date 3/27/23

A Rise of Oceania Novel

In the world’s undersea realms, the superpowers are pressing. Climate change is ravaging the surface nations, and their militaries are surging into the oceans to seek out new resources to sustain their exploding populations. Now Truman McClusky, mayor of the underwater city, Trieste, must gather a team of operatives and travel the world to steal the most unique and deadly weapon ever invented for use underwater. War is looming, and to win a war, one must do whatever it takes, even if it means embracing your darker side.

Iris Johansen – The Survivor

Expected Release Date 6/6/23

An Eve Duncan Novel

Eve Duncan teams up with Riley Smith (A Face to Die For) to go deep in the jungles of Laos to save a rare animal species.

                                        Kathy Reichs – The Bone Hacker

 Expected Release Date 8/1/23

A Temperance Brennan Novel

Called in to examine what is left of a body struck by lightning, Tempe traces an unusual tattoo to its source and is soon embroiled in a much larger case. Young men—tourists—have been disappearing on the islands of Turks and Caicos for years. Seven years ago, the first victim was found in a strange location with both hands cut off; the other visitors vanished without a trace. But, recently, tantalizing leads have emerged and only Tempe can unravel them.

Maddeningly, the victims seem to have nothing in common—other than the strange locations where their bodies are eventually found, and the fact that the young men all seem to be the least likely to be involved in foul play. Do these attacks have something to do with the islands’ seething culture of gang violence? Tempe isn’t so sure. And then she turns up disturbing clues that what’s at stake may actually have global significance.

It isn’t long before the sound of a ticking clock grows menacingly loud, and then Temper herself becomes a target.

James Rollins – Tides of Fire

Expected Release Date 8/15/23

A Sigma Force Novel

The Titan Project—an international research station off the coast of Australia—discovers a thriving zone of life in an otherwise dead sea. The area teems with a strange bioluminescent coral that defies science, yet holds great promise for the future. But the loss of a military submarine in the area triggers a brutal attack and sets in motion a geological disaster that destabilizes an entire region.

Massive quakes, volcanic eruptions, and deadly tsunamis herald a greater cataclysm to come—for something is stirring miles under the ocean, a threat hidden for millennia.

As seas turn toxic and coastlines burn, can Sigma Force stop what has been let loose—especially as an old adversary returns, hunting them and thwarting their every move? For any hope of success, Commander Gray Pierce must search for a key buried in the past, hidden deep in Aboriginal mythology. But what Sigma could uncover is even more frightening—something that will shake the very foundations of humanity.

Simon Beckett – Bone Garden

Expected Release Date 11/9/23

A David Hunter Novel

“The dead didn’t frighten me. It was the living that gave me nightmares.”

An atmospheric and utterly gripping mystery set in the shadows of the Welsh mountains, that will chill the reader to their very bones

Driving back through Wales in a fierce winter storm, forensic anthropologist David Hunter is forced to seek shelter at a remote village in the Eryri mountains. But a one-night stop-over becomes something very different after a gruesome discovery in depths of the local forest.

With communications down and the only road washed out by the storm, Hunter is unsure who – if anyone – he can trust. And as long-buried secrets begin to emerge, he’s knows that, whatever dark past the isolated community might be hiding, there’s no one he can call on for help.

This time he’s on his own.

Jeffery Deaver – The Watchmaker’s Hand

Expected Release Date 11/28/23

A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

When a New York City construction crane mysteriously collapses, causing mass destruction and killing several people, Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are on the case. A political group claims to be behind the sabotage and threatens another crane collapse in twenty-four hours, unless their demands are met. The clock is ticking.

With New York in a panic, the stakes are higher than ever for Rhyme and his team to unravel the plot before the timer runs out and more cranes crash down, reducing the city and its people to rubble. Then Rhyme realizes that the mastermind behind the terror is his own nemesis—the Watchmaker.

Just Released

Nick Thacker – The Cerberus Protocol

Released on 2/23/23

A Harvey Bennett  Novel

Something in the ice, frozen for millennia… and it just woke up.

When Harvey Bennett and his elite CSO team are sent to Russia to investigate a top-secret research facility, they have no idea what they’re about to encounter.

What they find is a chilling discovery that could change the world…

As Harvey and his team race to uncover the truth behind The Cerberus Protocol, they soon realize that they are not the only ones interested finding out what’s inside the station.

Powerful forces are willing to stop at nothing to capture and exploit the discovery for their own nefarious purposes.

With time running out, Harvey and his team must fight their way through a web of deception, danger, and betrayal, before it’s too late.

And then he’s visited by someone he never expects to show up…

Brandt Legg – Cosega Switch

Released on 2/23/23

A Cosega Sequence Novel

The Doom is upon us.
Time evaporated.
Humanity lost.

One desperate chance remains.
Alignment across the immense chasm of existence down to a single breath.

Time is a funny thing, hit the switch.

Rebecca Cantrell – Twinkle

Released on 1/20/23

A Joe Tesla Novella

Agoraphobic millionaire Joe Tesla and his service dog, Edison, are enjoying Christmas in New York when Edison rescues a kitten on the subway. Joe can’t take the kitten to the pound, not at Christmas, so he uses his cyber sleuthing skills to find the little girl who the kitten belongs to. And, he’s not alone: he has Edison by his side. But can the intrepid duo reunite girl and subway kitten in time to save Christmas?

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child – The Cabinet of Dr. Leng

Released on 1/17/23

A Pendergast Novel

Against all odds, Constance has found a way back to the place of her origins, New York City in the late 1800s, and sets off on a quest to prevent the events that lead to the deaths of her sister and brother, and stop Manhattan’s most infamous serial killer, Dr. Enoch Leng of the seminal Pendergast novel The Cabinet of Curiosities, before his nefarious experiments come to fruition.

Meanwhile, in present-day New York, Pendergast is desperate to find a way to reunite with Constance—but will he find a way before it’s too late?

Brandt Legg – Cosega Shock

Released on 12/29/22

A Cosega Sequence Novel

With enough energy one can move mountains,
travel to heavenly bodies,
build world-ending weapons,
or do something so dangerous that it is illegal to even discuss,
forbidden even to think about.

One man defied it all . . . and the consequences are beyond comprehension.

Prepare to be shocked.

Patricia Cornwell – Livid

Released on 10/25/22

A Kay Scarpetta Novel

Chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta is the reluctant star witness in a sensational murder trial when she receives shocking news. The judge’s sister has been found dead. At first glance, it appears to be a home invasion, but then why was nothing stolen, and why is the garden strewn with dead plants and insects?

Although there is no apparent cause of death, Scarpetta recognizes telltale signs of the unthinkable, and she knows the worst is yet to come. The forensic pathologist finds herself pitted against a powerful force that returns her to the past, and her time to catch the killer is running out . . .

Iris Johansen – Captive

 Released on 9/6/22

An Eve Duncan Novel

Jane MacGuire is enjoying a period of wedded bliss as she focuses on her art, and husband Seth Caleb uses his unique abilities as an agent for the MI6 intelligence service.  But when Seth crosses crime lord Hugh Bohdan, he incurs the wrath of one of the world’s most powerful criminal empires…one whose tentacles reach across the globe and even to the idyllic Scottish retreat where Jane is working.  
Soon Jane is on the run, struggling to stay one step ahead of Bohdan’s army and his devastating high-tech weaponry. Even with the assistance of Earl John MacDuff, she finds danger at every turn.  But with that peril comes an astonishing discovery: a 200-year-old secret on the brink of becoming lost to history.
Jane and Seth must join forces to unlock the fascinating puzzle, even as they hurtle toward a lethal final confrontation in the Highlands.  But before their adventure is over, Jane and Seth will encounter their biggest shock of all…and realize nothing can be the same for them ever again.













2 thoughts on “Soon To Be And Recently Released Novels

  1. I have tried to find the last two chapters to Ends of the Earth and everywhere I look there is no response to the many of us who want to still be able to read those two chapters. Why can’t you honor that even though you have already finished the voting and written the following book? i don’t understand. We spend the time reading and buying your books and you do this to us?

    1. I assume you are referring to Tim Downs’ novel, Ends of the Earth. I am not Tim Downs, but a reviewer of his series. He wrote Ends of the Earth in 2009 and had those two chapters on his website, which he has since taken down. This is remnants from his blog from when the book was released, perhaps it will help to read these comments by others about the ending:

      Have you read Nick of Time? It pretty much answers what happens at the ending of Ends of the Earth.

      I do wish that Tim Downs writes another Bug Man book, I love the series.

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