Jeff Kirk’s Prometheus Option Series

Jeff_KirkAbout the author:

Born: Farmington, NM


B.S.- Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


Thriller Sub-genre: Techno-thriller

Future of the series: The next in the series is entitled On This New Sea, which will tentatively be released in 2018.

The Simon Review

Corporate conspiracy, state-of-the-art technology, government spying, nuclear explosion, and Armageddon pretty much sums up Jeff Kirk’s latest novel, The Prometheus Option. The story revolves around the state-of-the-art technology known as quantum computing with a computer being designed by a company known as StruvePharma, a pharmaceutical company run by CEO Peter Struve. Struve got into designing a quantum computer to help design better drugs, but eventually it became the entire focus of the company. Designing a quantum computer is not cheap and it is not long before StruvePharma needs more money, so Struve begins looking for new investors. This is when everything goes to hell in a handbag and StruvePharma is placed in a center of a maelstrom for which there is no coming back.

Heroes, geeks, spies, traitors, and one truly evil SOB, make up a generous array of characters throughout The Prometheus Option. Most notable is Jack Dura, who is the true genius behind the quantum computer and I am sure will be a primary focus as the series continues. Then there is Aidan O’Keefe, the villain of the Prometheus Option that makes even the most evil of scientists look tame. And no techno-thriller would be complete if there wasn’t a beautiful FBI agent which is embodied in the character Laurel Wynn.

The Prometheus Option has been Jeff Kirk’s brain child for the last three years and his diligence has paid off.  Kirk’s love of techno gadgets resonates throughout the novel which I am sure will please the more technically inclined and fascinate those that may only have a passing interest. For those of you that are Silicon Valley residents, you will appreciate that the backdrop of The Prometheus Option focuses on the San Francisco Bay area, as Kirk’s familiarity of the area is epitomized throughout the novel.

The Prometheus Option is a fairly long novel, but the action never stops. So plan on a long lazy weekend, because once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.

What about the science?  Though much of the technology in The Prometheus Option seems like science fiction, the reality is that much of the technology is either possible or is actually in the works, such as quantum computers (See Technical Word in Review). Being a biologist turned techie, Kirk is quite familiar with the technology that he portrays in The Prometheus Option. Even though the technology throughout the novel is morphed somewhat for fictional purposes, it is still within the realm of reality.

The Jack Dura Technical Word in Review: Quantum computer– I could drone on and on about the intricacies of quantum computing, but a video developed by NASA and Google says it a lot better.

Quantum computing seems like something that will happen in the distant future, but the reality is that it is already here. Both Google and NASA have teamed up with the company D-Wave Systems to test and improve on what is a prototype quantum computer. Within the next few years it is very possible that we will be entering into a new computer age. Hopefully, good things will come of it and not what is happening in Kirk’s Prometheus Option.

John leaned closer to her and murmured. “You ever hear of quantum computers?”

She shrugged.

“We built one. It solves certain kinds of equations millions of times faster than all of the rest of the world’s computers put together.”- Prometheus Option

Books in the Series by Order:

Prometheus Option2#1-The Prometheus Option- 2016

First Line:

The restaurant sat atop a long, low hillside overlooking the placid surface of Pillar Point Harbor, separated from Half Moon Bay by a pair of curved, rocky breakwaters.


Peter Struve: CEO of StruvePharma

Emily Dura: The initial lead scientist on the Black Box project

Aidan O’Keefe: StruvePharma’s technical officer and resident bad-boy

John Shea: StruvePharma’s chief security officer

Laurel Wynn: FBI agent

Jack Dura: Emily Dura’s husband and the real brain behind the QUBE

Blaise Thierry: Belgian member of ‘Santa’s Elves’, lead molecular designer

Stathis Sotiropoulous: Greek member of ‘Santa’s Elves’, and is the resident gadget guy

The Setting:

Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area


StruvePharma used to make drugs. Then they hired one of the smartest people who ever lived, and went in a radical new direction. Their goal: to create a new kind of computer to solve the hardest problems of medicine, biology and physics.

Working in secret for seven long years, they’re on the verge of perfecting the most disruptive advance in the history of technology, but they’re nearly out of money. They need more—much more—to finish their research.

Days after their first demo to an investor, things go very, very wrong.

Now they face the prospect of losing everything. As they struggle to keep the company from failing, they discover something that could upend science and change the world’s balance of power forever.

Traitors and spies set their plans in motion. They and their backers will risk anything to seize this technology and the people behind it.

Amazon Rating: 4.94 out of 5 stars based on 16 ratings

Amazon Rating-UK: not rated

GoodReads Rating: 4.60 out of 5 stars based on 15 ratings

Barnes & Nobel Rating: not rated

Library Thing Rating: not rated

Total Score 4.77




#2-On This New Sea- (expected release date 2018)