Thriller Release Alert!-Vow

What better way to celebrate Halloween then to read a good dystopian novel, and Annelie Wendeberg’s latest addition to her 1/2986 series, Vow, certainly fits the bill. The series which was originally called the climate saga series is staged in the future after the affects of climate change, plagues, and warfare left 1/2986 of the human […]

Review of T.A. Ward’s Children of Wrath Series

I thought for sure this was a zombie-like series when I read these lines in the synopsis of T.A. Ward’s Children of Wrath: “These children, dubbed Inexorables, live up to their name: they are ruthlessly violent, irrepressibly psychopathic—and incurable. They kill without thought or remorse, and inflict torment on their victims with childish glee.” Since I […]

Thriller Release Alert!- Crash Into Pieces

Christopher Kerns, author of the YA technothriller series, Haylie Black Series, and publisher Old Ballard Press have released today the second book in the series, Crash Into Pieces. Though this may be considered a young adult series, it is enjoyable for any age. I have read the first book in the series, Crash Alive, and it is one […]