Thriller Release Alert!-Endgame

Casey Hill is a pseudonym for husband and wife team Kevin and Melissa Hill and they have released their latest from the forensic thriller Reilly Steel series, the seventh book of the series.

When the body of a teenager is found beaten to death in his own bedroom, and a girl attending a party held at his house reports an attempted sexual attack the night before, the Dublin police immediately suspect both incidents are related.

But when a sweep of the crime scene throws up some truly puzzling forensic evidence, CSI Reilly Steel wonders if those initial suspicions are correct.

And as the investigation deepens, and her GFU team begins to delve into the online lives of both teenage victims, even more questions are raised.

Can Reilly help the investigations discover the truth about what actually happened on the night of the party?

Or is she too distracted by personal issues, namely the visit of an old friend from the US…

Available on ebook.

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