Thriller Release Alert!-Bone Slice

Husband and wife writing team, Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb, have recently released their latest medical thriller from the Gina Mazzio series. Mazzio is a gutsy nurse from the Bronx who has her fair share of interactions with serial killers. A fun series for crime thriller lovers with a little medicine thrown in to boot. 


Feisty nurse sleuth Gina Mazzio and her equally intrepid partner Harry Lucke hit the ground running after their honeymoon, exploring unknown territory as they tangle with their most dangerous enemies yet — one that isn’t even human, and some that are.

(Long-time fans should stop here and rejoice— after so many false starts, they finally tied the knot!  But new readers won’t be left out. They’ll find this SEVENTH adventure a good place to start— because who doesn’t love newlyweds? And in a hard-boiled medical thriller, especially newlyweds who find themselves knee-deep in mayhem.)

Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb

Back from an idyllic beach wedding and honeymoon on romantic Kauai, Gina and Harry have barely unpacked when San Francisco’s Ridgewood Hospital sends them off on an intriguing assignment to report on surgical robotics at a hospital near Santa Cruz.

Intrigue turns to worry as they’re plunged into the midst of a deadly clash between hands-on-medicine traditionalists and those eager to dive headlong into the futurist whirlpool of robotics. Once again, Gina’s intuitive skills are as sharp as her medical knowledge—because deadly is the operative word here. It turns out a robot can be a superb murder weapon.

As the fast-paced story twists and turns, the human villains will stop at nothing—including harassment, threats, and, finally kidnapping to stop Gina and Harry, who now must race the clock to discover who’s hacking the robotic units and causing bloody mayhem in the surgery suites.

Available on e-book and paperback

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