Review of Iris Johansen’s Latest Novel, Shattered Mirror

The focus of my blog is to review book series and not individual novels. But writers are going to continue writing novels within a series even after I have done my review, so I plan on reviewing the individual novels as they come into circulation.  Iris Johansen has recently added book #23, Shattered Mirror to the Eve Duncan series.

In my review of Night and Day, I commented that Eve Duncan’s unborn child showed indications of having ‘special’ talents. Well, in Shattered Mirror we all get to find out what ‘special’ talent that Eve’s six-year-old son, Michael, possesses. I’m not going to tell you what is, you will have to read the book to find out, but what I will say is that I’m a bit disappointed in the outcome. I was hoping maybe for something like x-ray vision, telekinesis, or mind control, but I am afraid it is not quite as exciting as that, but it is special. Then again he is only six, so who knows.

Once again, Eve Duncan is the target of an evil killer because of her dangerous occupation as a forensic sculptor. Of course, it is not enough for the killer to go after Eve, but her friends and family as well. Both A-1 violinist, Cara Delaney, and Michael are in his cross-hairs. As you can imagine, Eve is not about to take this lightly, and calls out the infantry which includes; FBI/Cop/ex-Navy seal husband, Joe Quinn, assassin extraordinaire, Jock Gavin, as well as two newcomers, Russian mafia head, Sergai Kaskov, and Cara’s college roommate and friend, Darcy Nichols, a gorgeous blue-eyed actress.

Naturally, no Eve Duncan novel would be complete without a little romance. Cara is now eighteen and she is realizing that her best friend, Jock Gavin, is a hunk of a man. There is nothing better to get those pheromones flowing than having a killer chasing after you (wink, wink).

Shattered Mirror is a great beach read and a way to blow off a lazy weekend. Though this could be read as a standalone novel, I would recommend reading the trilogy; Shadow Play, Hide Away, and Night and Day to get a good background on Cara Delaney and Sergai Kaskov. And Countdown, to get a better background on Jock Gavin.

I would like to think NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for my advance reader copy of Shattered Mirror.

To learn more about the series check out the Eve Duncan series.

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