Thriller Release Alert!-The Mendel Paradox

Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett is a former forest ranger that is now an operative for the Civilian Special Operations (CSO). The CSO deals with assignments that fly under the radar of government enforcing agencies, such as the FBI, CIA etc. Bennett’s new life is one exciting adventure after another. Nick Thacker has released today the next thrilling episode in the Harvey Bennett series, The Mendel Paradox.

Nick Thacker

A company in Switzerland has been working to make the future of medicine and surgery a present-day reality. Their successes have been stacking up for over a decade, and their next project promises great things.

Until things start to go awry.

Animal experimentation has never been an easy path for medical corporations.

…Especially when those animals revolt.

A woman seeks out the help of Harvey Bennett and the CSO team to bring down an organization she believes is engaging in some questionable research.

They decide to tackle the problem head-on: to hunt down the people responsible.

But they’re not the only people — or animals — hunting.

Genetic engineering meets conspiracy technothriller in this nonstop, fast-paced action-adventure novel. A perfect blend of suspense, mystery, and thriller adventure for the armchair traveler.

Available on Ebook

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