Thriller Release Alert!-Demons Among Us

Looking for a good book while social-distancing? Well there is nothing like a good medical thriller while living through a pandemic. Judith Lucci, nurse turned thriller author, has recently released book #7, Demons Among Us, from the Alex Destephano series.

Her fiancé battles terrorists…
He’s one of America’s elite…
Marrying him is a risk – suppose he doesn’t come home?

Alex, now living in Virginia and working in Washington, DC
for the Institute of Medicine, is recalled to the Big Easy to investigate a
series of hospital crimes where she reconnects with her ex-husband Robert, the calm, steady surgeon.
She realizes she misses him desperately as guilt consumes her…

Judith Lucci

A series of emergency calls, one from the hospital, another from her home,
Twist her heart and her…
What will she do? She’s being pulled in so many directions…
Evil dissects her brain as fear consumes her soul…
Will she, can she do the right thing?

You’ll love this psychological thriller… the circumstances are life and death, and convey a level of urgency unlike any other Alex has faced before.

She needs your help.

Available on Ebook

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