Thriller Release Alert!-Escape?

With Russia meddling in the US election and Ukraine’s involvement in American politics, you might be interested in reading Nik Krasno’s recently released thriller, Escape?, which is the fourth and final addition to his Oligarch series. The series centers around Mikhail “Misha” Leonidovich Vorotavich who is an Ukrainian oligarch that will do about anything to […]

Review of G.W. Eccles’ Alex Leskin Series

  Awhile back I wrote a review on Nik Krasno’s Oligarch series which is a conspiracy thriller series about a Ukrainian oligarch.  I found that the oligarchs make for great evil characters in thrillers and so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review G.W. Eccles’ Alex Leskin series which centers on the oligarchs of […]

Review of Nik Krasno’s Oligarch Series

The privatization of industry in Russia and the Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s resulted in the rise of a number of individuals that were able to acquire tremendous wealth by taking advantage of the chaotic political and economic environment of the former Soviet bloc countries  Read More