Thriller Release Alert!-Escape?

With Russia meddling in the US election and Ukraine’s involvement in American politics, you might be interested in reading Nik Krasno’s recently released thriller, Escape?, which is the fourth and final addition to his Oligarch series. The series centers around Mikhail “Misha” Leonidovich Vorotavich who is an Ukrainian oligarch that will do about anything to be the world’s most richest and powerful person alive. Krasno gives an entertaining glimpse into the unscrupulous world of the oligarch. If you are not familiar with what an oligarch is like, here is a list of what it takes to be a good oligarch:

(1) Have an IQ greater or equal to 130

(2) Have Oscar winning acting abilities

(3) Be able to follow the Ten Commandments only when it is convenient

(4) Having many friends who have sociopathic tendencies

(5) Grow up in a highly repressive regime which eventually collapses

(6) Have a tremendous desire to be extremely wealthy

(7) Know how to make government officials happy

(8) Know how to throw a party

(9) Be very, very lucky

Unfortunately for the science thriller seeker there is not much in the way of science in this series, but there is a lot of action and is a fun series to read.

Nik Krasno

Mikhail, one of the richest oligarchs on the planet, is kidnapped and held hostage in an unknown location. Captors’ demands are something he’s unable to meet. When the choice is between dying tortured or risking life to escape, there is no real choice. His people would spare no effort to release him, but they are clueless as to his whereabouts and need to investigate who’s behind his sudden disappearance. Mikhail’s desperate attempt to run away and his associates’ endeavors to locate and free him lead to a climax that explodes in a series of breakneck shootouts and pursuits. Yet, the biggest challenge of them all may require overcoming one’s own nature. Not for the faint of heart!

Available on paperback & Ebook

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