Review of R.J. Corgan’s Kea Wright Series

Most of the thrillers that I review usually involve medicine or technology which means that they are associated with the science of chemistry, physics, and biology. I have on occasion reviewed series that revolve around the science of geology.. Read More

Review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital Series

With the recent decision by this administration to remove the US from the Paris climate agreement, I thought it would be good time to hunt for the ultimate climate change thriller series, and I decided to start with Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital series. So what should one look for in a really […]

Review of Douglas E. Richards’ Nick Hall Series

I have previously reviewed Douglas E. Richards’ Wired series and I decided to take on his more recent Nick Hall series. The two series share something in common which would be the technological advancement of the human brain. In the Wired series, Richards focuses on the enhancement of human intelligence through gene therapy whereas the […]

Review of Kevin Tinto’s Leah Andrews & Jack Hobson Series

I decided to take a crack at Kevin Tinto’s Andrews & Hobson series when I saw on the cover of the first book in the series, Ice, that it was “A mind-blowing thriller in the tradition of James Rollins, Matthew Reilley, and Preston & Child”. With an endorsement like that how could I refuse? Read More

Review of Danielle Girard’s Dr. Schwartzman Series

Danielle Girard has started a new series starting with Exhume that features medical examiner Annabelle Schwartzman. What is unique about Schwartzman compared to other series featuring medical examiners is that Schwartzman comes onto the scene with some heavy baggage. Read More

Review of Nathan M. Farrugia’s Helix Series

Recently, I have been neglecting my blog mainly because I have been absolutely captivated by the news. The actions of our newest administration has the workings of a first rate thriller; collusion with the Russians, ‘alternative facts’, North Korean missile launches, denigration of our judicial system, and the list goes on. Read More

Review of Jon McGoran’s Doyle Carrick Series

Jon McGoran’s Doyle Carrick thriller series focuses on the dire effects of genetically modified organisms or better known as GMOs. As a scientist, I have mixed feelings about GMOs as they can have great potential to do wonderful things, but on the other hand could result in serious negative consequences if not properly monitored. Read […]

Review of Denison Hatch’s Jake Rivett Series

Indie author Denison Hatch is about to release his first novel, Flash Crash, and the beginning of a series known as the Jake Rivett series. Flash Crash is an algorithm written by David Belov, a computer programmer that works for mega-bank Montgomery Noyes. Read More