Review of G.W. Eccles’ Alex Leskin Series

  Awhile back I wrote a review on Nik Krasno’s Oligarch series which is a conspiracy thriller series about a Ukrainian oligarch.  I found that the oligarchs make for great evil characters in thrillers and so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review G.W. Eccles’ Alex Leskin series which centers on the oligarchs of […]

Review of J. David Core’s Lupa Schwartz Series

The first thriller I read was Dan Brown’s, The DaVinci Code, and that’s when I discovered I was a fan of thrillers, but it wasn’t until James Rollins’ Map of Bones that I really became addicted to the thriller genre. I love that “on the edge of your seat- hanging by a thread” plot that […]

Review of Erec Stebbins’ INTEL 1 Series

  Erec Stebbins, who is a resident of New York City, witnessed the events of 9/11 and angered by the events that unfolded, decided to retaliate with the most effective weapon that he knew how to use which would be the pen, and with that the first book in his series, The Ragnarök Conspiracy, was […]

Review of Lincoln Child’s Jeremy Logan Series

The Jeremy Logan series by Lincoln Child is where science and the supernatural meet. Now science and the supernatural go together like Queen Elizabeth at a monster truck rally, but in the Jeremy Logan series that is exactly what happens.  Read More

Best Bad Reviews – Part 4

Before I review any series, I like to see what other readers are thinking about in relation to the individual books within the series, so I read their reviews. Well not all books within a series are well liked and occasionally I come across some really good negative reviews that I can’t keep from laughing […]

Review of JA Schneider’s Embryo Series

  When I first saw the series Embryo, I thought that this might be a really neat medical/techno-thriller series based on the technology of genetic manipulation at the embryonic level and the possible real world consequences, and after reading the first novel of the series, Embryo, that seemed to be the direction that this was heading. […]