Thriller Release Alert!-Terror Machine

Denison Hatch has recently released his third book from his Jake Rivett Series, Terror Machine. Jake Rivett is an intense undercover cop that will go to extremes to catch the bad guys. A mix of crime thriller and techno-thriller, Hatch’s series is full of exciting and thrilling moments.

It all starts at Bryant Park. The Christmas market. A massive and devastating terror attack shakes Manhattan to its core. The terrorist responsible is a ghost and his cell fits no profile. But even worse than that, the joint task force—comprised of Jake Rivett, the Feds, and the NYPD’s Counterterror and Major Crimes Divisions—pull back the curtain on a science experiment like no other. It’s called the Terror Machine. The machine might not be perfect. But it works. The deadliest terror attack in New York since 9/11 proves that. But who’s going into the machine next? And more importantly, what will they do when they get out?

Denison Hatch

The joint task force finds no answers—only questions. What do a discredited neurophysiologist from the leafy collegetown of Stony Brook, a slumlord religious scholar in Astoria, and a seventeen-year-old boy who loves to sneak out of the house in drag have in common? Rivett—newly engaged to the love of his life, Mona—will find out. But at what cost? Because in the end, no one really gets out of the Terror Machine. To finish this case, to destroy the cell, to save the city…Rivett will rage like he’s never raged before.

Available in paperback

Will be available on e-book on December 18

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