Thriller Release Alert!-Kill Switch

Busy dodging pepper spray at the latest BLM rally? Can’t find your face mask as you’re leaving for work? Do you feel you don’t have enough excitement in your life? Then perhaps an exciting thriller is what you need. Nathan M. Farrugia has just released his latest novel, Kill Switch, from the Helix series. You […]

Thriller Release Alert!-Ice Revelation

For those of you desperately waiting to read Kevin Tinto’s Ice Revelation (and I know you’re out there), it has finally been released. Ice Revelation is the third and final addition to the very exciting Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson series. Leah Andrews is on the Antarctic Continent, her single-minded goal, return the Ancients to […]

Thriller Release Alert!-Terror Machine

Denison Hatch has recently released his third book from his Jake Rivett Series, Terror Machine. Jake Rivett is an intense undercover cop that will go to extremes to catch the bad guys. A mix of crime thriller and techno-thriller, Hatch’s series is full of exciting and thrilling moments. It all starts at Bryant Park. The […]

Thriller Release Alert!-The Savage Deeps

Timothy S. Johnston has released today his second book from his Rise of Oceania series, The Savage Deeps. In Johnston’s series, climate change has forced humanity to live among the fish.  But living in a world under the sea is not always easy, and defending it against those that still live on the surface is […]

Thriller Release Alert!-The Lethal Bones

Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett is not your typical action hero. He is afraid to fly, does not like heights, and desires to be alone living his life in the great outdoors. But he has one characteristic that makes him a reluctant defender from evil, an irresistible need to do the right thing no matter what the […]

Thriller Release Alert!-The Book of Bones

Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett lived the quiet life as a forest ranger until tragedy struck. Now he lives the life of an exciting operative and head of the Civilian Special Operations going from one adventure to the next. Nick Thacker has released today the next thrilling episode in the Harvey Bennett series, The Book of Bones.  […]

Thriller Release Alert!-The Sound of Echoes

You have probably have heard of the phrase ‘if these walls could talk’ when referring to a place where something dramatic or historical has occurred. Well in Eric Bernt’s The Speed of Sound series the walls actually do talk. Eddie Parks, an autistic savant, has created a device known as an echo box which can […]

Review of Eliot Peper’s Latest Novel, Breach

The focus of my blog is to review book series and not individual novels. But writers are going to continue writing novels within a series even after I have done my review, so I plan on reviewing the individual novels as they come into circulation.  Eliot Peper has recently added book #3, Breach, to the Analog […]

Thriller Release Alert!-Breach

Can’t get enough of Facebook? Is Twitter your best friend? Imagine not needing a computer or a smartphone to access your favorite social media, but instead, all you have to do is think about it, as your brain is directly connected to the internet. Eliot Peper’s Analog series gives you a glimpse of exactly what […]

Review of William Hertlings’s Kill Chain Series

William Hertling’s previous Singularity series was about the future when technology surpasses human intelligence and the ultimate consequences.  In the Kill Chain series, Hertling focuses on technology that exist in our present world and the destructive forces behind it. Read More

Thriller Release Alert!-Extinction Crisis

THE ALIENS ARE COMING! And we are about to find out what happens when they arrive. James D. Prescott has released today the third and final novel, Extinction Crisis, from his Ancient Origins series. With the doomsday ship only days away from impacting the Earth, humanity’s demise seems all but assured. In every corner of […]

Review of Timothy S. Johnston’s The Rise of Oceania Series

On Black Friday, November 23, 2018, the Fourth National Climate Assessment was released that gives a dire warning that if actions to reduce the emissions of green-house gasses goes unchecked, climate change will result in significant consequences to the planet and bring serious hardships to the human population.  Read More

Thriller Release Alert!-Vow

What better way to celebrate Halloween then to read a good dystopian novel, and Annelie Wendeberg’s latest addition to her 1/2986 series, Vow, certainly fits the bill. The series which was originally called the climate saga series is staged in the future after the affects of climate change, plagues, and warfare left 1/2986 of the human […]

Thriller Release Alert!-Borderless

Eliot Peper’s new series, Analog, explores what our future would be like if our brains were connected to the internet 24/7. Sounds scary, right? If you think this possibility is only in the realm of science fiction, think again. Brain-computer interface technology is already here and it won’t be long before internet connectivity is also […]

Thriller Release Alert!-The Aryan Agenda

Nick Thacker has released today The Aryan Agenda, the sixth book in the Harvey Bennett series. This a fun adventurous thriller series featuring Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett who is an ex-forest ranger turned bad guy annihilator. Ancient conspiracy theories. Neo-Nazis. Nonstop action. Harvey Bennett and his CSO team receive a distress call from their friend, Sarah […]

Review of Kevin Tinto’s Latest Novel, Ice Genesis

The focus of my blog is to review book series and not individual novels. But writers are going to continue writing novels within a series even after I have done my review, so I plan on reviewing the individual novels as they come into circulation.  Kevin Tinto has recently added book #2, Ice Genesis to the […]

Thriller Release Alert!-Ice Genesis

Kevin Tinto has released today Ice Genesis, the much anticipated sequel to his award winning Ice from the Dr. Leah Andrew and Jack Hobson series. Ice Genesis is the second in a three part series with the third book in the series, Ice Revelation, having an expected release date sometime in the Fall of 2018. The […]