Thriller Release Alert!-Murder on Masaya

Kea Wright is a geologist who seems to have the worst luck. At every worksite that she is assigned, somebody ends up dead, and not in a natural way. Murder follows her wherever she goes and at times she must give up investigating geological formations to hunting down murderers. In the recently released third installment […]

Thriller Release Update-February 2021

Just to give you an update on the release dates for the newest additions to the series that I have reviewed. Soon to be Released Douglas Phillips – Quantum Entangled Expected Release Date 2/15/21 A Quantum Novel Twenty-three intelligent species. One ancient mystery. And two humans flung into the middle. Daniel Rice hasn’t felt right […]

Review of R.J. Corgan’s Kea Wright Series

Most of the thrillers that I review usually involve medicine or technology which means that they are associated with the science of chemistry, physics, and biology. I have on occasion reviewed series that revolve around the science of geology.. Read More