Thriller Release Alert!-Murder on Masaya

Kea Wright is a geologist who seems to have the worst luck. At every worksite that she is assigned, somebody ends up dead, and not in a natural way. Murder follows her wherever she goes and at times she must give up investigating geological formations to hunting down murderers. In the recently released third installment of the Kea Wright series, Murder on Masaya, a volcano is a possible murder weapon. So, I guess if you are a murderer, you might as well think big. Geologist and writer R. J. Corgan has written a fun, as well as an informative thriller-mystery series.

R.J. Corgan

Known as the Gateway to Hell, natives once threw children into Masaya’s throat to appease the goddess living inside.

Geologist Kea Wright is leading an expedition into Masaya to discover the volcano’s secrets. Despite careful planning, Masaya devours a member of their team. As the rest scramble to escape, they can’t shake the feeling that they’re being hunted. Meanwhile, across Nicaragua, revolution starts to spread…

For Kea, life will never be the same.

Available on Ebook and paperback

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