Review of Matthew Mather and Lucas Bale’s Latest Novel, Destiny

The focus of my blog is to review book series and not individual novels. But writers are going to continue writing novels within a series even after I have done my review, so I plan on reviewing the individual novels as they come into circulation.   Matthew Mather along with coauthor Lucas Bale is about to release the fourth book in the Nomad series entitled Destiny.

The Nomad series is based off of an interesting premise that our solar system is briefly visited by two small rotating black holes. The gravity from the black holes tosses the planets out of their orbits which is a major blow to planet Earth and its living occupants. Conditions are not totally inhospitable to life but it is a challenge.  The series up to this point focuses on the survival of Jessica Rollins, a former marine and daughter to Benjamin Rollins, a Harvard astrophysicist that was the first to discover the two black holes known as Nomad. Even though things are rough now for planet Earth, it seems that it is only going to get worst, as Earth is on a collision course with the rings of Saturn which brings us to the newest addition to the series, Destiny.

After the exciting ending to Resistance, our heroine Jessica Rollins finds herself in a jail cell with her captors turning out to be the CIA. While mulling over her predicament, she realizes that she is pissed off with almost everyone, especially with billionaire Ufuk Erdogmus. The only shining light for her is her love interest Giovanni Ruspoli and his young nephew Hector. One of the reasons that she is pissed at Erdogmus is that he used Hector’s DNA as a biometric backup to an artificial intelligence system known as Simon and Simon is the link to a space vessel launched by Erdogmus before Nomad came through the solar system. Hector’s link to Simon makes him vulnerable as Dr. Hermann Müller, the arch nemesis in this series, kidnaps Hector so that he can get access to Erdogmus’ project, a well-kept secret throughout the series. Müller has taken Hector to a sanctuary in China and it is up to Jess to get him back.

A lot is going on in Destiny; a potential nuclear war between China and the Americans; Jess having to travel to China with Erdogmus and is very unhappy about it; and a side story of a band of Russians that seem to have some connection either to Müller or Erdogmus but is unclear to which one until the end. The ending to Destiny is something that I would never have predicted and Mather could easily end the series at this point, but leaves a possible opening to continue it as the ending raises more questions than gives answers. Destiny is not a standalone novel as it really is necessary to read the rest of the series to get a good understanding of what is going on. Overall this is a fun but complicated series with a rather spunky female protagonist. For fans of the series this is a must read.

I would like to thank Matthew Mather for an Advanced Reader Copy of Destiny.

Destiny will be released on May 25th.

To learn more about the series check out Matthew Mather’s Nomad series.

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