Thriller Release Alert!-The Lethal Bones

Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett is not your typical action hero. He is afraid to fly, does not like heights, and desires to be alone living his life in the great outdoors. But he has one characteristic that makes him a reluctant defender from evil, an irresistible need to do the right thing no matter what the consequences. Bennett, alongside the love of his live, Julie, and ex-military Reggie Red, make up the Civilian Special Operation (CSO) team whose mission is to take up tasks that are out of the jurisdiction of any government entity such as the military, CIA and FBI. But there was a time before the CSO and before Julie which eventually leads him to become a warrior for justice. Nick Thacker alongside author Jim Heskett have released today the third in a prequel series, The Lethal Bones.

Nick Thacker

A drifter looking for direction.

A beautiful temptress with an offer.

Will lady luck bring Ben fortune, or a bullet to the back of the head?

Harvey “Ben” Bennett is lost, wandering, looking for his purpose.

But a cryptic call from an old friend drags him to Denver and introduces him to a mysterious woman with a proposal. It’s one he can’t refuse, but it also puts him in the line of fire from a group of dangerous hitmen.

Running for his life, Ben now sees danger everywhere he looks. He doesn’t know who to trust, and now the people after him have involved his family, as well.

Eventually he realizes the offer he couldn’t refuse might turn out to be one he won’t survive…

Available on e-book

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