Thriller Release Alert!-Bone Slice

Husband and wife writing team, Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb, have recently released their latest medical thriller from the Gina Mazzio series. Mazzio is a gutsy nurse from the Bronx who has her fair share of interactions with serial killers. A fun series for crime thriller lovers with a little medicine thrown in to […]

Thriller Release Alert!-Full Wolf Moon

Best selling author Lincoln Child has released today his fifth book in the Jeremy Logan series. Legends, no matter how outlandish, are often grounded in reality. This has been the guiding principle behind the exhilarating career of Jeremy Logan, the “enigmologist”–an investigator who specializes in analyzing phenomena that have no obvious explanation–previously seen in The Forgotten […]

Thriller Release Alert!- The Burial Hour

For all those crime thriller addicts out there, thriller god Jeffery Deaver has released today lucky 13th in the Lincoln Rhyme series entitled The Burial Hour.  The only leads in a broad-daylight kidnapping are the account of an eight-year-old girl, some nearly invisible trace evidence and the calling card: a miniature noose left lying on the […]

Thriller Release Alert!-The Restless Dead

It has been about seven years since Simon Beckett has released a novel from his David Hunter series and fans of the series have eagerly been waiting including me. But the release of The Restless Dead has been one of the most confusing releases I so far have had to endure. Beckett first released The […]

Review of Danielle Girard’s Dr. Schwartzman Series

Danielle Girard has started a new series starting with Exhume that features medical examiner Annabelle Schwartzman. What is unique about Schwartzman compared to other series featuring medical examiners is that Schwartzman comes onto the scene with some heavy baggage. Read More

Review of Patricia Cornwell’s Latest Novel, Chaos

The focus of my blog is to review book series and not individual novels. But writers are going to continue writing novels within a series even after I have done my review, so I plan on reviewing the individual novels as they come into circulation.   Patricia Cornwell has just recently added book #24, Chaos to […]

Thriller Release Alert!- Never Go Alone

Denison Hatch, indie author of an exciting crime thriller series, the Jake Rivett series, has officially released today the second book in the series, Never Go Alone. The first rule is: NEVER GO ALONE. A rash of elaborate cat burglaries of luxury buildings in Manhattan has the city panicked. When a group of social media obsessed millenials- a […]

Fed up with Kay Scarpetta?

Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series was the first series that I reviewed, and over the last few years I have found that a lot of the fans of the series have become quite disenchanted with how the series has been going.  I personally think it is time for a dramatic change in the series which […]

Thriller Release Alert!- Night and Day

Best selling author Iris Johansen has released Night and Day today, book #21 of the Eve Duncan series and the third installment of a trilogy.   Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan risked it all to protect Cara Delaney from the enemies who want her dead. The journey has led them from California to a remote mountain in […]

Review of Denison Hatch’s Jake Rivett Series

Indie author Denison Hatch is about to release his first novel, Flash Crash, and the beginning of a series known as the Jake Rivett series. Flash Crash is an algorithm written by David Belov, a computer programmer that works for mega-bank Montgomery Noyes. Read More

Review of Eliot Peper’s Uncommon Series

When I started my job at Cornell University, I was given the opportunity to meet with a financial consultant to help me plan out my 403 (b), so I took advantage of the situation and set up an appointment.  The moment the consultant starting talking about annuities and mutual funds, my eyes glazed over..  Read More